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About Emerson
Emerson (NYSE: EMR) based in St. Louis, Missouri (USA) is a global leader in providing technology and engineering to provide innovative solutions for industrial and commercial sectors around the world.

Emerson Automation Solutions supports customers in maximizing process production, protecting the environment and personnel while optimizing energy consumption and reducing operating costs. Emerson

Commercial and Residential Solutions focus on the development of solutions to improve the comfort of life and health, protect the quality of food products and creating of sustainable infrastructure.


The broad product portfolio of AVENTICS™ offers pneumatic components, as well as systems and specific applications dedicated to individual customers in various industries. These products focus on the commercial vehicles, food and beverage, rail, healthcare, energy and marine technology sectors.

By integrating electronics, using innovative materials and keeping up with modern trends such as machine safety and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Emerson is leading the way in smart and easy-to-use solutions.

Efficient Solutions in Automation

Pneumatic cylinders, drives and grippers

Standard cylinders

Sturdy, resistant and has best quality and design

Mini & round cylinders

Short-stroke cylinders and compact cylinders

Different construction variants: double acting, single-acting retracted without pressure, single-acting extended without pressure, non-rotating rod or with integrated holding unit.

Tie rod cylinder

Suitable for high stroke frequencies and pulley application. Optionally, these pistons can be constructed in low friction heat resistant, cold resistant, ATEX, or corrosion resistant version.

Cylinder valve units

Series PRA or TRB standard cylinders equipped and assembled with valve unit

Rod less cylinders

These are rod less pneumatic rail guides in different construction versions

Guide cylinders

Guided cylinders with max. 200 mm stroke. Optionally, with end locks (series MSC and GPC).

Double piston cylinders

Rotary actuators

Rotary wing drive with adjustable angle of rotation

Double piston with rack and adjustable angle of rotation

double piston with rack and adjustable angle of rotation

Bellows actuators

Bellows actuators with flanged connectors

Bellows actuators with removable connectors

Bellow actuator with mounting ring

Flexible rolling bellow

Cylinders with integrated distance measuring sensor

Diaphragm-type cylinder

Single-acting, retracted without pressure
Extremely low friction for sensitive adjustment of forces

Double-acting and single-acting, retracted without pressure


Valves and valve systems

Single valves

Different series of standalone valves, designed for different field of application, inclusive series suitable for food processing or safety applications.

Suitable for food processing:

Safety valve :

Valve systems

Complete valve systems integrated with electronics, using different communication protocols:
multipole, fieldbus, IO-link

Suitable for food processing:

Electrical connection technologies

Round plug connectors, with cable or without :

Valve plug connectors, with cable or without :

Multipole plug, with cable or without :

Contact bridges, with cable or without :

Air preparation units and components

These units can be modularly assembled into blocks using different components, as required.

Series AS





Series 65x




Series NL1 – NL6

Series NLC

Series CR1-OX

Series PRx



Series MU1

Series MU1

Pressure gauge:

Pressure gauges with different constructions, capable to measure and display pressure units in psi or bar suitable for ATEX class application.

With corrosion protection:

With glycerin filling:

Compressed air reservoirs:

Compressed air containers with capacity of 1 ..90l

For more information on available products, technical data sheets or catalogs with CAD data of different products, please visit https://www.aventics.com/en/