Emerson Asco

About Emerson

Emerson (NYSE: EMR) based in St. Louis, Missouri (USA) is a global leader in providing technology and engineering to provide innovative solutions for industrial and commercial sectors around the world.

Emerson Automation Solutions supports customers in maximizing process production, protecting the environment and personnel while optimizing energy consumption and reducing operating costs.

Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions focus on the development of solutions to improve the comfort of life and health, protect the quality of food products and creating of sustainable infrastructure.

About ASCO™

Emerson is a global market leader in solenoid valves and industrial automation, combining the latest technology, engineering and the most innovative solutions. ASCO™ products offers comprehensive process automation solutions for a wide range of applications across various industries.

Combined with Emerson’s extensive experience, these solutions help reduce operating costs and increase productivity. ASCO™ products include more than 50.000 items in solenoid and pneumatic valves, as well as Dust Collector Systems (DCS).

Piloted an unpiloted solenoid valves designed with a proven technology

2 way solenoid valves, series 262/263 DIN

High pressure solenoid valves without minimum pressure (unpiloted).

They are made from a large choice of elastomers that offer a wide chemical compatibility possibilities.

3-way solenoid valves, Series 314 DIN

Series 551-553, Electric or air operated valves

These are solenoid valves suitable for general automation industry and specially designed for the process industry: resistant to harsh operating environments; available with all explosion proof protection mode and manufactured in different combination of materials and constructions. In this series, we offer valves with the following functions:

  • 3/2 spring return solenoid valves

  • 5/2 spring return solenoid valves

  • 3/2 and 5/2 Namur spring return solenoid valves

  • 5/3 center closed spring return solenoid valves

  • 5/3 center exhaust spring return solenoid valves

  • 3/2 and 5/2 Namur double solenoid valves

  • 3/2 and 5/2 double solenoid valves

3/2 spring return solenoid valve :

800 series accessory valves

Stainless steel 316L accessory valves to offer a complete package for actuator applications.

They are available in different functions: check valve, flow regulator valve, flow control valve with check valve, quick exhaust valve, pressure relief valve.

3 way solenoid valve, series 327

The 327 series direct operated solenoid valve is a universal valve available in multiple variations of material, power, flow and certification.

Auto and Manual Reset options are available along with a range of other accessories.

Globe valves 298 – 398 series

The extremely reliable 298 Series process valve has been designed for use within harsh environments in a variety of industrial sectors.

This robust valve is resistant to thermal shocks, and is ideally suited to steam, superheated water or corrosive media applications.

Angle seat valve, 290 – 390 series

This is a robust valve designed for a long life time and high cycling.

They have proven durability in handling aggressive fluids, such as steam, hot water, solvents, and light slurries.

These valves are available with bronze or stainless steel bodies built for demanding applications.

There are many optional features including proportional control.

Miniature and subminiature solenoid valves

Flat cores, series 065

Series 065 flat spring valves are used mainly in medical and analytical apparatus, gas analyzers and leak detectors.

These valves are characterized by their long service life and extremely short response times.

High-quality stainless steels and sealing materials make the valves suitable for use with a wide range of gases.

Series 068 fluid isolation solenoid valves

Series 068 fluid isolation solenoid valves are suitable for use with neutral or aggressive liquids and gases.

The use of high-quality materials (PEEK and FFPM/FPM/EPDM) prevents fluid contamination.

The special flapper mechanism and large orifice sizes (0,8 to 4 mm) allow high pressures (up to 10 bar).

A power-save connector lowers the holding power down to 1,5 watts, thus minimizing the heat transfer into the fluid.

Proportional solenoid valvesPreciflow 202 series

Series 202 2/2 proportional valves are ideal for use in applications in many areas of analytical and medical technology.

Frictionless suspension of the core reduces hysteresis and provides step less control.

Typical applications include gas chromatography, ventilators, gas controlling / mixing, respirators or mass flow controllers.

Pneumatic cylinders

441 series cylinders

Compact short stroke cylinder ranged from bore size 8 to 100, featuring Numatics proven technology and design.

It is equipped with a lighter tube extrusion with “T” and “C” slots for magnetic switches and no need for adaptor.

435 series

A robust, compact construction, reliable, complying ISO6432  specification.

Specially fit for the most varying industrial applications, offers a sturdy compact design and a reliable construction with an integrated MP4 on the rear cover.

The standard execution in stainless steel tube and covers provide an excellent resistance to corrosive media.

438 series

Series 438 complies with ISO6431 specifications, being a “drop-in replacement” with any ISO 15552 cylinder with an MP4 mounting.

Equipped with a threaded front end and an integrated trunnion rear cover, it helps reducing maintenance costs and installation time.

449 series

Compact ISO 21287 range, specially designed to fit in a reduced space.

Long lasting and reliability guaranteed by using the proven design and technology already equipped in Numatics cylinders

453 series  

Robust, and “modern looking” ISO 15552 cylinder, offering a wide option of choice.

Combining a sturdy, reliable construction, it is a specially fit for the hardest and most varying industrial applications.

450 series

Numatics 450 series is a “tie-rod” cylinder with round aluminum housing, offering a full range of options , from bore size of 32 to 200mm, and fully complying with ISO 15552 specifications.

454 Series

The Numatics 454 series is specially designed for use in food applications in accordance with the ISO 15552 standard. This cylinder is easy to clean, has a high corrosion resistance, and offers a wide range of options and accessories to satisfy the most varied field applications.

431 series

The new G431 series is a family of reliable, high-quality ISO-6431 anti-corrosion cylinders, with a wide range of options and combinations, longer service life and optimized rod sealing technology.

437 series

Complete family of tie-rod cylinders following CNOMO/AFNOR specifications.

Equipped with pneumatic cushioning and magnetic detection in the standard execution, this robust range of cylinders is available from 25 till 200 mm.

CGT Series Compact Guide Slide

The CGT series Compact Guide Slide is ideal where high load and force are required and minimum space is available.

The piston and rod assembly being machined directly into the extruded body achieves space savings.

Fieldbus valves

Compact directional solenoid valves using electronics and PCB technology.

500 and 2000 Series offer solenoid valve systems solution with high flexibility and modularity.

All are available with Multipole and Fieldbus connections.

50x series

200x series

Directional control valves – L Series

L1 series

L2 series

High flow solenoid valves in a compact design. They are available either with solenoid pilot or air pilot actuation.

ISO valves

They are available in two dimensional variants.

ISO 15407-2 series of 18 mm and 26 mm, are high speed solenoid valves, for heavy loads, designed for all types of automation.

G3 electronic valves

They are available in different constructive variants, using the following communication protocols:

  • DeviceNet
  • DeviceLogix
  • Ethernet
  • Profibus DP
  • ProfiNet
  • CanOpen

551/552 manually and mechanically operated valves

Specially built for semi-automatic processes, with manual operation (actuated with lever, button or pedal).

General purpose solenoid valves, suitable for general process automation

551 – 553 series

Proportional pressure control valves

Sentronic series

Sentronic D

Digitally controlled proportional valve.

Control loop parameters can be optimized for an application using data acquisition software (DaS).

Sentronic Plus

Digitally controlled proportional valve, built to perform in the most demanding applications.

It is rated for vacuum service as well as potentially explosive atmosphere.

Control loop parameters can be optimized for an application using data acquisition software (DaS).

Sentronic HD

A highly accurate 3-way proportional valve, with digital control.

Control loop parameters can be optimized for an application using data acquisition software (DaS).

Sentronic LP

Digitally controlled proportional valve, very economical from a financial point of view.

Offering a small footprint, an easy to use and modular design, offers unrivalled value and product versatility, whatever the application requirements is.

Air preparation systems

651 series

The 651 series offers high throughput flow in a modular range and compact size.

This complete family of air preparation products is available in 1/8 and 1/4 sizes with NPT thread as an option.

The product range includes a comprehensive choice of filtering options to meet the most demanding applications (particles, coalescence and adsorption), combinable with a large selection of options.

This range is suitable for all kind of applications and industries, allowing ambient temperatures from -40°C to 80°C

652 Series

The 652 Series offers a complete range of high flow modular Air Preparation products.

It includes the several filtration options (particulate, coalescing & adsorbing) with an extensive selection of bowl types and drains.

Extended temperature range capabilities (-40°C to 80°C) allows the 652 Series to be specified across a broad range of applications and industries.

653 series

Series similar to the 652 series, except that it can operate up to a pressure of 16 bar.

The extended temperature range (-40 ° C to 80 ° C) allows the use of the 653 Series in a wide range of applications and industries.

Delta 901 Series Premium Filters

The Numatics Delta Series offers premium filtration for applications which require high flows and durability.

Delta Series filters are ideal for use in many applications including industrial, process, medical, and compressors.

Precision Regulators

These controllers are used in instrumentation and industrial control applications, where the user requires a high flow capacity and accurate process control.

The stability of the regulated pressure is maintained in varying flow conditions.

This product family is also extremely sensitive to compensate quickly for very small changes in output pressure.

Series FRL 50 – filters, regulators and lubricants

Lockout and Shut Off Valves

VL32 series

VL40 series

The VL series safety valves prevent unauthorized pressurization of an air system during service or maintenance.

Numatics shut-off valves are available in several different models, including Manual, Slo-Start and Modular.

Stainless Steel Filter Regulators

These regulators are suitable for extreme conditions.

They are available in 1/4 and 1/2 “sizes and standard, suitable for ambient temperatures from -40 ° C – + 80 ° C with low temperature option for -60 ° C.

The products are NACE compliant and certified ATEX non-electrical.

For more information, please visit the manufacturer’s website:https://www.emerson.com/en-us/automation/asco