There are three main reasons why it is worth investing time and effort in reducing energy losses:

• Reducing energy losses will lead to a reduction in overall costs

• Reduces the load on the power distribution network

• Reduces the negative impact on the environment

In the field of electricity, one of the ways to conserve energy resources is to improve the power factor and a judicious management of reactive energy in the power system.

Compressed air is called the fourth utility after electricity, gas and water. In any case, unlike the other three, it is generated on the spot, and users therefore have much more control over its use and costs. It is necessary to monitor the energy consumption of the entire pneumatic installation – compressors, dryers, filters, compressed air distribution networks and network connection accessories to production equipment.

Another form of energy often used in industry is thermal energy. Thermal energy is the energy contained in one physical system and which can be transmitted in the form of heat to another physical system based on the difference between the temperature of the system that emits energy and the temperature of the system that receives energy. Thermal insulation is the key element in effectively reducing the costs of energy consumption in industrial infrastructure.

Our company offers services in energy management covering the following areas of expertise:

• Reactive power compensation and power factor compensation installations

• Thermal insulation and heating cables

• Solutions for increased efficiency of water, gas and compressed air installations