Detect Precisely

Inductive sensors

⦁ Highest switching distances and factor 1
⦁ Excellent EMC properties and magnetic field resistance
⦁ Many installation options


Capacitive sensors

⦁ Compact design
⦁ Failsafe operation
⦁ Resistant to mechanical and chemical stress


Inductive linear position and angle sensors

⦁ Measurement ranges 25 to 1000 mm / 0 to 360°
⦁ Magnet-free resonator principle for failsafe detection of signals; contactless and wear-free operation
⦁ Different outputs (U/I, SSI, IO-Link, CANopen)


Cabinet guard

⦁ Continuously detects environment variables in cabinets and protective housings and monitors their protection grade
⦁ Integrated sensors to measure temperature, humidity and correct door closing
⦁ Easy to install and retrofittable condition monitoring


NAMUR sensors

⦁ Available in many different designs, sizes and housing materials
⦁ Inductive, capacitive and magnetic field sensors
⦁ Ex class approvals and SIL certification


Vision sensors iVu

⦁ Compact image processing solution for inspection tasks and code reading
⦁ Integrated or external display
⦁ Direct teaching and operation of devices without PC


Ultrasonic sensors

⦁ Large measuring ranges up to 6000 mm
⦁ Robust mechanics and front-flush membrane
⦁ Simple operation due to Easy Teach


Magnetic field sensors

⦁ Fit on all types and brands of pneumatic cylinders
⦁ Securely mounted
⦁ Miniature designs

Pressure, temperature, flow sensors

⦁ Different designs, measuring principles and process connections
⦁ Easy handling and mounting
⦁ Highest accuracy and safety also available as Ex-i devices


Photoelectric sensors

⦁ Miniature and compact types, available in all operating modes
⦁ Laser class 1 or 2
⦁ Measuring and inspection tasks, personnel safety (categories 2 and 4)



⦁ Extensive portfolio of standard devices
⦁ Highest accuracy and interference immunity
⦁ QR24 devices operate contactless and wear-free


And much more:

⦁ Cables and connectors
⦁ Passive junctions
⦁ Inductive couplers
⦁ Interface modules and power supply units
⦁ Communication modules : wired and wireless, supporting most industrial communications protocols
⦁ Automation solutions : gateways & peripheral control, HMI panels and cloud solutions


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